Native Textile

Oh my gosh!! The talented Meghan AKA Native Textile taught at Make shift last month and blogger Erica of HonestlyWTF did a post (and tutorial) on her frame weaving. SO cool check it out Last weekend Meghan taught at Knitterly. We can not wait to get her back on our schedule after her summer work…. View Article

Weaving with Meghan Shimek

What a fun weekend we had at the shop! We had our first weaving class in the shop. Meghan Shimek came to out our shop to teach Weaving. Oh my gosh I love what the students made!! Amazing! It’s hard to believe that they weren’t already weavers. We can not wait to have her back…. View Article

The Stev(ph)ens

We are really excited to be a part of the Stephen (West) and Steven (Be) tour2014! I have been watching youtube and checking out ravelry and hitting up google search. Both men come across as fun and daring in fashion (and life in general). See all our Stephen & Steven Tour 2014 Events: Stephen &… View Article

Stephen West Comes to Knitterly

I keep telling you exciting things are coming to Knitterly this year. Well they are! I can finally tell you about the super funny and talented Stephen West!!!! His designs are unique and colorful. Check out Smooth Move (one of my faves). You can use Madelinetosh Merino Light, amaze colors. Or try Fringed and use… View Article

The slow lane

So I’m switching gears in life…. Getting in the “slow lane” and really enjoying this life with my family. I’ll still be here and doing insta and Facebook but really putting down the iPhone and being “there”. I’m sure many of you can relate. We are so fortunate to have good health and a lot… View Article

The guardians

Our friends Mary, of a Twirl and Mimi, of Windrush Farm both have guardians. The guardians have a battle cry, they kick and thrust their necks to fight off intruders. These are the guardians… The guardians protect the livestock from fox, coyote and dogs. Wikipedia says “Some llamas may herd the animals they are guarding… View Article

Sunday at Windrush Farm

What a gorgeous day! It rained hard and all day on Saturday but we woke up to blue bird sky’s and the perfect temp for being outside. Windrush is so beautiful let me share (if you haven’t been yet you will want to go after this!) We drove up a narrow driveway with green pastures… View Article

Top down for kids

It is so exciting to make something for my kids and have them really love it. I’ve been slowly eeking along with a top down sweater for my girl. If you follow us on Instagram you’ve prob only seen photos of my WIP (work in progress). It’s finally a finished project! Yay! She was wearing… View Article


Have you signed up for the Feltidermy class yet?! Oh my gosh it is SO cool! I definitely need one mounted on my wall! xx Ash


We have so many fun classes in the shop. Being in a class can help you branch out, try something new, and take the ‘next step’ in your knitting. Whether it be a beanie, your first sweater, a one day self fringe shawl class, or a crochet beanie we have something for everyone. Every Tuesday… View Article