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Baby Bonnet

Posted on November 01 2013

The bonnet is adorable. What a fun project. Really fast!! It only took me two evenings. Ha ha... With little Waylon, I hardly have knitting time. I do still get to read... Though the books are much shorter and often have characters whom are talking animals! My boy loves to read! I did try to put the bonnet on Waylon. You know - just to have a model;) he was not having it! He tore it off with a look that said "no Mom!" and "I'm a big boy" ha ha. It was worth his adorable expression. I wish I would have had this pattern while I was pregnant. I love it. The yarn is soft, warm, and it's very pretty. The colors are so vibrant. The baby this bonnet is for was born last Tuesday. Healthy baby girl. Her name is India, which I'm sure will suit her quite well. She has two very creative and beautiful parents. Mmm! Babies are wonderful! Make this pattern for any new babies in your life. I plan to knit it out of the Koigu "KPPM" and also the Koigu "Kersti". I'm thinking that the KPPM will be more of a premie size and the Kersti more of a 3-6 month guy. The one I made, already, is most likely a 6-12 month size. Way has a medium to large noggin. It was quite snug;) XX Ashleigh


  • Trish: April 21, 2015

    i love this pattern could i buy it?

  • Patti: April 21, 2015

    Yes Ashleigh I looked, each day. So cute. The pony so cute also. I just ripped out the baby bunny yarn dress after three inches realizing it was twisted. Someone else also checked it and neither of us caught it. Oh well on my way again. Also was doing wrong pattern on Nabu yarn but ripped that out and on my way again. I know you don’t remember the yarn we buy but just letting you know some of us are watching each day for your little notes. I love your shop. Can’t wait to get back but have to finish a few things and get started on the hooded scarf and will come for help on the hood part. Enjoy the baby and read read read to him knitting will still be there.

  • shellisw: April 21, 2015

    Oh, definitely. It’s in a great book…. “MORE last minute knitted gifts” by: Joelle Hoverson. LOTS of yummy patterns in there:D

  • shellisw: April 21, 2015

    Ha ha ha. You rock! Surprisingly I can remember lots of what yarn people buy. Habu can catch us all off guard. Ha ha. But hang I there… It will look FABULOUS!
    Waylon loves a good book. He growls at the monsters in “Where the wild things are” He is a wise little man.

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