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Happy Friday

Posted on November 01 2013

Beautiful SunriseGood Morning knitters! Happy Friday! Well, yesterday was fun! Petaluma puts on a mean Veteran's Day parade. Such an awesome show. Waylon and I walked down with our buddies, Angela and her Mamma Sylvie. We set up shop in front of Knitterly. (My Aunt, Uncle and Gramma saved us some seats - it was packed!) Even only catching the tail end was fun. There were tanks and old cars, tractors. If you are in town next year I highly recommend it. It was so cute, there was a teenage girl sitting right in front of our shop and next to her was... A knitting pattern. I loved it! And it was one of my fav patterns, Head Hugger by our good friend Ann Norling. Actually I am knitting some hats right now for Christmas. I am already in the mood. Christmas-y mood ;D Mmmm - over ambitious pre-Christmas knitting. Nothing better. This chilly morning I am working on an ornaments. So excited about these stinkin' ornaments. He he. The are, of course, out of More Last Minute knitted gifts. (Which, if you don't already know, I heart - a lot) Great project for killing your stash of left over bits of yarn. They have a cute Christmas looking design too. So some color work is involved. But on a small project it should be manageable. I am always excited to have 'converts'. HA! I love getting others hooked with the knitting bug. For no reason other than I LOVE to KNIT. I have two students at the shop, so far ;D, young girls. It's great. Kids are so fun to teach and I feel like I learn a lot from them too. The younger of the two is very smart. It's amazing. You would think she has been knitting for years. I tell her she should teach her friends. It's amazing to explain something to a child and have them then do it like they have done it a hundred times. Then as adults we can struggle and get frustrated and sometimes... Give up. The attitude of a kid is usually pretty much - determination. AWESOME! The older of the two girls, not related, has read more books this year than some adults have read in the past 5. She has great insight to life and is beyond her years. I am having so much fun knitting with them. And, I hope, they are learning and benefitting from this too. I am also - with help from the cold fall air - getting some more of my more girlfriends in on the knit story. It's so fun to watch, some, get all 'drugged' out on yarn. Ha ha. I have never done drugs... But I assume some issues are similar to my yarn and coffee addiction. With any addiction - you have to want to change. And I definitely to not. I love my yarn basket full spilling over and my coffee cup full. I can have no money and yet my Mom is catching me with a brown bag stuffed with yarn that 'I need!' or when I am raiding my sons piggy bank for 'just a couple bucks' for a coffee. Ha ha. My knitting keeps me up until 4 AM with the promise of ' just one more row'. See? Similar! Ha ha I encourage you all to go convert a friend into a knitter. It's fun... We have 'firls night' in the winter months and drink wine, knit, chat... Good times. Have a great day! My little man is up and ready for some snuggs :D Peace, Ash


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