Not so naked tree

Posted on November 01 2013

The Pom pom tree!! More lots and lots more. Ok so I am a bit crazy with the pom pom's.... But they are SO cute! Lights will be added to the tree soon. Weirdly, the outlets in our, real old, adorable, home were placed about 4.5 feet up the wall  Why!? Hmmm? So - debating putting lights on the tree... Having a premonition of them being tugged on - by a man about 2.5 feet tall and speaks a language only recognizable to those with certain last names;D. - and the tree comes crashing to the ground, broken glass and pine needles everywhere. It actually would be a funny scene. I picture him saying  'Uh OH!?' with a sort of innocent look. That says both ' I now what I did' and 'Oops'  not so much sorry though.  ha ha ha. Either way the tree looks great. My Mom has put two white sparkly trees in Knitterly's front window that have been decorated with pom pom 'BOMBS' as well;D We had some help.  Frances, who is my knitting buddy, helped make some really awesome little puffs. We discovered that roving makes the best puff. It looks all cloud like and fuzzy. I also made an i-cord with some Habu paper and Trendsetter Aura held together. It's so awesome! The light reflex off of it and ... MMmmmm, loooove me some glitter. I have officially become addicted and in the best way. I am finishing projects! There are quite a few fancy numbers at the yarn shop right now ;D ;D. 1. The 'Peru" shrug from Essential knits for kids by Debbie Bliss ( this is the smallest size) # 9 needles ( I wanted it tight, the yarn called for a bigger needle, but it looked sloppy. Also don't use pointy needles - it snags the yarn) 2 balls of Peru (It's in 'Chunky Town') 2. Slouchy Eyelet hat ( I really like this blog. She is a Mommy ;D She has some free patterns and recipes ) # 9 Needles (LOVE this size) 3 skeins Sulka ( Okay it's pricy I know... But but but... It is a fabulous hat with 2 skiens as well. I was inspired by a hat my friend has. It's really slouchy and big, with three big buttons, SO cute.) 3. There is a lime green and white Jade Sapphire Cashmere cowl. Yummy yummy! I cast on 85  (I think... It's seed stitch so end with a purl) Guess what size needle I used?? Hmm, noticing a theme. One skein of each. Yep I used up every lick of the yarn. Worth every penny. 4. Knit Collage cowl ( Check out so cool. There is a non practical tank dress that I am lusting after) [caption id="attachment_962" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Knit Collage.. Need I say more?!"][/caption] 1 skein black knit collage ( I want the blue.. Oh and the orange.. O o and the.. They are all cussing wonderful!) # 19 circular needles Cast on 22 sts and knit 1 purl 1 This is a pretty rib and the fastest project I have EVER knit.  This project... Drum roll please....0 took me 45 min to knit! For real! Enjoy the finished wonders I have made... Head to Knitterly and check them out :D PS I knitted Analina, Waylon's super friend, a cute pink Christmas stocking... Omigosh. Love me some pink and fur. I'll take a pic and share it with you. Peace, Ash


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