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Posted on November 01 2013

Knitterly is packed with amazing yarn. This you already know. But if you haven't been in lately let me tell you what I am oogling over. 1. Yvonne. The COCO knits pattern. We all love her so much that now kits have been assembled and are ready to be knit! 2. INVERNAL, by Aslan Trends ( 5 hanks of this will make a lovely Yvonne) We don't have a ton but we have enough to make the Yvonne 3. Be Sweet. ALL of it. The best right now, in my mind, is TSHIRT. It's soft and stretchy . The patterns are fabulous and bright! Also check out Chunky Merino, soft even on sensitive skin 4. Spud and Chloe. They have some really fun and happy colors in the machine washable section. Great for making kid toys and garments. I'm making the giraffe with this. 5. T-DYE sock yarn. Ok I'm not making socks, I'll admit...  I heart this yarn. The color change is really dramatic. I have a ball that is going from green to black... not sure what color is next;D 6.  Dream Toys by Claire Garland. Super fun and silly toys. Pirate, cowboy, fairy, princess, horse, unicorn, pirate ship, crab, fish.... Good stuff! 7. Encore. Two words : SIX BUCKS. ha ha! That and I can make kids sweaters and capes and machine wash them. It's worsted too, so it won't take a hundred years to knit. 8. Sierra Nevada.... I am combining this with black Encore and making a slouchy hat. It's inspiring yarn. Wild colors. Borealis is really good too. 9. Baby yarn! No need to say why ;D 10. Isager. Books and patterns. It's a Mother Daughter duo. The patterns the Daughter has created are sophisticated but fun. Amimono! You can use the Isager yarn/ Silky Wool. 11. Serano/ Plush. I know - we have, pretty much, always carried these... But they makes great baby blankets and scarves for kids. I made my little guy a "plush" scarf. He wears it all the time. 12.BumbleBee and LadyBug markers. These guys are so darn cute. I want to dangle them from everything! 13. Bouton d'Or!!! Mmmmm! I lust over all the Bouton ;D My favorite?! I'd have to say is Baby Alpaga. Yes it is a 'alpaGa'. I made Waylon a hat in this and have more to make Leon and I one. 14. Cashmere... Yum! My favorite cashmere is the Jade Sapphire. This is a must by when ever there is a sale ;D You know it too! 15. Swift and Ball winder. Ask your hubby to get you this for V-Day;D Forget jewelry! ha ha ha 16. Pony Rosewood. Seriously I am moving toward only knitting on circulars. These are the BEST needles. Smooth, strong, rosewood.  These should be up there with the Yvonne pattern. 17. Namaste/ needle cases. Namaste makes vibrant easy to clean vegan leather bags. Functional and stylish. We have some new styles in right now.... 18. Twinkle. I really like this yarn. It's chunky, knits quickly, and the big stitches are perfect for cabling. Plus she is a fabulous designer and I feel like we're friends when knitting on it! So that's my lust list ;)  I'm sure you all have your own;D I am always inspired by what others are knitting. If you need more ideas come in the shop and see what classes are being offered and what the other knitters have going. Peace and happy shopping, Ash


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