Hand washing your knits

Posted on July 14 2015

Hand washing sounds so tedious and can possibly stop a knitting project before it's even on the needles. We think tiny felted sweater! Ha I'm hear to tell ya it's easy peasy and so worth your time. Which actually is not much at all. We carry a soap line called Eucalan. It's smell is mild and it's not harsh on your handmade garments. 20140218-185202.jpg Here is what ya do: Grab your supplies; *A bowl *Eucalan *Luke warm water (I used filtered) *Couple bath towels 20140220-141932.jpg I put a dime size dollop of Ecalan in the bowl added 1/2 the water and swished around. Then I placed the shawl (my garment to be washed) into the bowl and filled the rest of the way. I pushed the shawl down into the water until completely saturated and the water was covering the piece. Don't swish around at this point, no agitation or you may felt your knitting. That will be sad! So don't swish😉 Then I let my shawl soak for over and hour.... Before the next step I lay out my towels. For this project I used two towels and over lapped the ends. It took my entire dinning room table. Then you ring! Ring that knitting out. I don't twist it like a washcloth I just gently squeeze. This can take a while - especially if it's a big garment, my my shawl. Once it's pretty much all rung out and my arms are dying... I then laid my shawl nice and flat on my towels. 20140220-142951.jpg Then roll that puppy up! I go slow and after each little section I roll I push down to get more water out. 20140220-143203.jpg 20140220-143226.jpg Squish that water out! 20140220-143310.jpg 20140220-143330.jpg Once it's all rolled up I squeezed more water out and really applied some pressure. 20140220-143440.jpg Now that last part will all depend on what you have made and what you want to do with it. I made my Mom this gorgeous Shibui shawl and really wanted it to be perfect. So I blocked it! You can lay your garment flat to dry on a new dry towel near a heater or a warm window. You can block it or hang it to dry. I will do another post on blocking next week😉 Once it has fully dried I like to pop it in the dryer on "air dry" for 2 min to fluff it up. You can still felt your knitting at this point do not add heat for any reason. You will be sad if you shrink your knitting😩😉 Hope this is helpful. Happy knitting! xx Ash


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