Inspired by Habu

Posted on July 14 2015

Feeling inspired is the best! I'm more efficient, slightly (if possible) more chaotic, and more open to other creative things coming my way when I feel inspired. Movies, photos, fashion, music, the beach... Inspiration. I recently interviewed Molly De Vries of Ambatalia and she said something I couldn't agree with more. She said " Even though I think every thing has been done, there is a lot of room to be authentic." This is my goal in life. To be creative, be inspired, and place my own spin on this life. I'm itching to dye (ha ha- that sounds wrong) to get some yarn on my frame loom I was generously gifted by Meghan, our new weaving instructor, and about twenty other knitting projects. The kitchen is my place and probably where I feel most inspired. I can see the kids playing in the yard, sitting at the dining table with crafts and it's where they help me bake and cook. I feel like my kids will have to have good memories hanging in the kitchen with me. We put good music on and get our cookie on weekly. Usually involving chocolate - not necessarily in the dough :) Our things should only be useful and beautiful. And our rental has the ugliest curtains. They are brown - and not beautiful. If someone tells you all colors are beautiful... send them my way and I'll share this lovely color with them. Yuck! Is how I will describe them. They are those easily dented crappy ones. You know what I'm talking about. Ok so back to me talking about being inspired and creative. I think it's time to take down those poo-poo colored curtains and put up something to make us happy to look out the window. If it's my favorite room shouldn't it be the prettiest!? Yep it should! I'll share my ideas as I make them a reality ;D but the one that will take the longest was inspired by this photo I took.  Are you thinking "um. WTH inspired her?!" Ha ha well it's that pretty blue Lace Bamboo by Habu. Can you picture a gypsy style knitted curtain?? Knitted loosely and maybe with bits of this involved some how. Summer light is so pretty in our yard and I think this yarn will look awesome in the window looking out to our (very weedy) backyard. It's important to fit in time for the people, places, and arts that we love. With rentals sometimes it's hard to think about removing something - if even temporally. But I'm learning that happiness is more important and those curtains are constantly on mind - change that bizz;) Cheers to being inspired 💖 Happy Knitting! xx Ash


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