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Posted on July 14 2015

Kintterly Projects

I took the kids to the coffee shop this week. While we were there I was started talking to a lady and I mentioned the yarn shop. Anyway she said 'Everyone knits! I am the only one who doesn't knit!' So of course I said 'Do it. You should totally learn, it's so fun' She then told me how it doesn't sound fun at all. Hmm. The funny thing is that I wasn't offended I felt like she was missing out. She hadn't even given it a chance and was sure it was not for her. Crafting is in my blood. Generations of homemaking and creativity, gardening, drawing, writing and painting. Everyone in my family is talented artistically. My parents are the Jack/ Janes of all things artistic (including in the kitchen) my brother is annoyingly good at everything he tries (painting, cooking, writing, drawing, the list goes on) Great grandmothers who did everything from garden to bake, to crochet and macrame... You get the picture, creative daily. My Mom and I would spend hours beading when I was a kid or baking with my Girl Scout troup (or just for a house full of my teenage friends) My point is much love goes into the things we make with our hands memories too. The memories are my favorite part. I learned to knit with my Mom 15 years ago. And I can't imagine my life with out yarn. Mom always has a project with her. In fact I have grown to realize if you go somewhere with her you will be the driver because that is definitely knitting time. I have so much fun knitting, drinking wine, and laughing over the Christmas stocking that some how looks more like a boob than holiday decor, or the socks I knit Dad, that I swear were the same size, but one goes to his knee and the other barely up his calf, or the blanket I knit my husband (in secret for months) when I was twenty. Knitting brings people together. It's therapy. It's relaxing and when a project if finished you just want to parade around telling the lady at the grocery store picking out lettuce next to you how "oh ya no big deal I made my sweater." I want to infect everyone with the knitting fever. We have customers of all walks and I'm always happy to see how knitting (crocheting/ weaving/ crafting in general) brings together so many different people. People who otherwise may never meet can relate through knitting and it's a really beautiful thing. For all the people who don't "get it"- well more yarn for us. Have a happy Fourth of July weekend. Fire works BBQ's and lots of good times for you all <3  Happy knitting and be inspired! xx Ash


  • Erinn: April 21, 2015

    Happy fourth! Agree knitting brings together all kinds of different kinds of people and it’s wonderful. We should do some beginners hang out and knit nights.

  • Kathe: April 21, 2015

    Yes, please!

  • Ashleigh: April 21, 2015

    I’m. Into that Erinn! I’m also going to do a knitting crash course asap.
    Happy Fourth!

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