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Weaving With Legos

Posted on July 14 2015

Sometimes we accidentally stumbled upon something great... something we were not looking for and didn't know we needed. A happy accident that fills a spot in our creative hearts and opens our minds. That something, for me, is W E A V I N G. I instantly fell in love with this craft. While my children nap, I lay dreaming of color and shapes. One of my favorite parts is that I can free form it, without any technical training. I can learn as I play.
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While the kids play with Legos, I pile up yarn and sit on the floor and just go for it. Having always been a big fan of sparkle, sequins, hot colors, and anything knit collage, I know have a home for my beautiful, but underused stash. Weaving has created a space where all these things marry and look beautiful.
piles1 piles2
Knit Collage Pixie, snug up against MadelineTosh Edison bulb, Sparkle Magic... here they all go, and guess what?!... they all look AMAZING. My yarn collection is now like an exciting mini yarn shop in my own home. All those single skeins will serve a purpose and look good doing it! This all began when I stumbled upon @Nativetextile (Meghan Schimik) on Instagram.
She made a super cool Christmas tree from Pom Pom's. I commented. she commented back. One thing led to another and I found out she was from the bay area and then she said maybe she'd make one for the shop when she moves back. I probably jumped up and down. Then... I looked at all her photos. :) I had never seen weavings like Meghan's. They weren't bright or glittery, but instead natural and earthy. I wanted them all. The fibers were amazing; roving, sequins, and other beautiful local fibers. After fulling falling in love with her pieces I invited her to come teach at Knitterly. To my happy heart, she said "YES". Not only that, she generously brought me a loom that her hubby made for her classes. The class was a success. I was amazed at how beautiful these pieces were. I mean these woman had never taken any kind of weaving class, and still, the pieces they made were works of art! They were all different, creative, and unique. Meghan will be back to teach in the fall, (fingers crossed). We are hoping to carry her looms once they are in production. Stay tuned! Meghan and her weavings are an inspiration. I can only hope to be as talented and creative as her one day. In the meantime, I hope my pieces make others as happy as her pieces make me. I know that this medium makes me feel creative and free in a new way. It's a way to stay in the "lines" but have 100% freedom. Sometimes we look for something new to spark this kind of creativity, sometimes we fall into it. I fell deep. Strangely, or not, our yarn shop has a whole new meaning to me. Habu looks so much more exciting and the glitter yarn makes sense. Add in a bit of Twirl yarn, and there is no stopping me. I hope to inspire all of you to open up your creative minds and create something new. And not just weaving... but knitting, crochet, macrame, etc. Whatever inspires you. Take a spin on pinterest or instagram and see what you accidentally fall in love with. PS - here is an HonestlyWTF.com tutorial on weaving, and guess what?!... she learned from Meghan! xx Ash


  • Ashleigh: April 21, 2015

    Thank you so much

  • Alexandra: April 21, 2015

    So beautiful!

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