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Posted on July 14 2015

I am a book bag / purse/ clutch/ coin purse/ bag freak! I am bag obsessed! Seriously. When I was a little girl they called me pack rat, and I never went anywhere without a bag of some sort. So, when my Mom came back from the Alameda Flea market yesterday, I was drooling over the handmade bags by 'PhiloMena at the Sea'.


They are made from old (awesomeness) army ruck sacks and grain sacks, with braided leather, bits of abalone shell, and tassels. The leather handles are repurposed army belts with these great clips and snaps.

I could not pick just one to love. I kinda want them ALL!
The outside fabrics are made from used grain sacks and have a perfectly worn in feel. The grain gives the bags a oil like finish, making them super soft. Yum!! Which one do you want? Come in the shop or look here:


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