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Waiting on the rain...

Posted on July 14 2015

rain and knitting

Waiting for the rain has started to feel a lot like waiting for Santa Claus. Will it come? What does it look like? And will I be awake to see it? I know that rain, (and Santa), are real... but I keep picturing the "Grapes of Wrath" at the holidays instead of frosty lawns and the steam from our mouths while drinking hot coffee behind horse drawn carriages. I am a romantic about all things, even yarn, and especially the holidays! But something about this year's fall season has me in an impatient mood; a heat wave as the leaves change? I can remember sitting in class in mid September thinking that "they" had it all wrong, and that summer vacation should start at the end of July and end the first week in October. It's just cruel to force kids to sit still in class and try and focus while blue skies and pools distract their thoughts. So here I am... mid september and day dreaming of cold weather while I drink my hot chai and plot out my winter sweater... that I started last year! IMG_1287 And we all do this; start a sweater with hope filled enthusiasm, only to put it in a bag and plan to make it 'later'. Then, when later finally arrives, it's been so long that you have no idea where you were when you left off. Yeah, me over here (hand waving in the air), I do this like it's a tradition, and swear off doing it again every new year. Oh well, here I am, once again picking up the cardigan, hoping to disappoint all those that anticipate a never ending knitted story here.

imperial stock ranch color flow patternI plan to stay up late, (remember that chai), and finish this puppy up. My hands will will doing a knitty rain dance. Kniting is magical and you can do a knitty dance with me. I am using Imperial Stock Ranch Anna, but this would be awesome out of Sally Fox's, Fox Fibre Merino Bulky. The pattern will be for sale next week. Check back and we'll update this post with a link to the pattern. It's purdy! I have HUGE knitting and weaving plans for the fall and I need to look cute in this sweater while seeing those plans through. It's almost that time of year where I put "Little Women" on repeat and stay up late planning my holiday projects. Long car rides with HUGE yarn, meeting new yarny friends, and traveling to new places. I am inspired, and dreaming about all or fall workshops and new teachers we are welcoming in. So cheers to finishing projects (wish me luck!) and to a creative end of 2014! xx Ash


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