Posted on May 13 2015

Blueberry boxes lined up, color coordinated and filled with little buns. My Mom set up a mini shop on her kitchen table of our most loved novelty, sparkle magic, ribbon, silk, hand dyed, & RADUIS our local small farm yarn, making “buns”, little mini skeins wound into nice tight buns all ready to weave with.
A few months ago I started raiding her collection and asking for the wild novelty yarns.

Knitters want whole skeins and a LOT of them. Weavers want the biggest cone or the smallest bit but it’s not always about yardage. A twist of ribbon a bit of leather a torn piece of linen, all these things are beautiful touches to a weave. It can be simple and natural or quite the opposite.

My Mom was watching me obsess and snatch up as much random bits as she had. I told her as a weaver it’s fun and more economical to share skeins or if we could sell less. I even talked to a couple of the USA companies about doing mini skeins for weaving kits.

My Papa always said “find a need and fill it” and it’s been my Moms mantra now. So last Sunday I came to the shop and found neatly organized rows of “bun” filled blueberry boxes.

I had so much fun plucking colorful blues, orange sparkles and soft neutrals. I made kits I wanted to shove into my Pennyroyal and bolt. I made others that I knew my Mom would be drawn too. The color palates are soft and natural, bright and glittery, and full of inspiration. I’m so excited to have been a part of making them and can’t wait to see what all you weavers do with these kits now that they are available in our online shop.

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<3 Ash


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