Sequence Knitting KAL Update

Posted on October 28 2015

Sequence Knitting GravelThank you so much to everyone who has already bought the book and yarn to start their Knit A Long (KAL), and thank you to everyone who is going to do so! Over at Knitterly, none of us can wait to see all of the wonderful knits that you all are making. Already in our shop, Brigit has finished her Gravel shawl. She used Woolfolk SNO, and the result is amazing. SNO knits up so softly, and the seed stitch of Gravel really lets the fibers bloom.

Shelli is working on a couple of Sequence Knitting projects herself, and can't wait until they're finished so she can share them with you. Her Twig shawl is coming along marvelously! She is knitting it with Woolfolk SNO (which she thinks is even better than cashmere!), and just had a chance to take it with her to Oregon for some coastal knitting with friends. Not only did she have a ton of fun, but got the chance to really get the feel for her Twig, and learned some things that she would like to share with anyone else making it.

Shelli wants to let anyone who is working on Twig know that it is not the knitting project you work on while hanging out with friends. The tricky stitch count on Twig necessitates personal knitting time for some uninterrupted focus.

If you are looking for a Sequence Knitting project to take with you to a coffee date or for some quality time with friends, Shelli recommends casting on for Delta Wing, which is less complex and easier to read. On her trip, one of Shelli's friends was working on a gorgeous version of Delta Wing in Isager Alpaca 2. Shelli said the yarn was knitting up beautifully, and her friend was able to chat on the beach for hours without missing a stich! When she got back home, Shelli immediately cast on for her own Delta Wing, using some of the yummy new Twirl Petals that we just got into the shop. The new colors are so dazzling, Shelli couldn't help but start right away!

Sequence Knitting Knit A Long

And she's not the only shop girl knitting a Sequence project out of Twirl! Both Kendra and SJ have started their KAL with Twirl too. Twirl is a perfect pick for any Sequence Knitting project, and the new colors we just got in are too pretty not to try!

What Sequence Knitting have you all been getting up to? What pattern are you knitting, what yarn are you using? Let us know either in the comments, on Ravelry or by posing a photo on Instagram and tagging it with #sequenceknittingKAL . Can't wait to see what you all are up to!


  • AlexisfromTexas: November 28, 2015

    I’m working on Mayve with some adjustments. I found the fabric was too dense and too wide using size 7 needles and 46 stitches, so I reduced the stitches to 28 (3×9+1) and used a size 8 needle. It is only 44" long using 210 yds (100 gms) of worsted weight yarn, so I will need another skein to complete the scarf. I find myself counting the stitches on each row before moving on to the next, just to be sure I didn’t get lost. Cannot wait to complete this and try another project.

  • Molly: November 11, 2015

    I am working on the Welden but using a different stitch pattern. I choose the Woolfolk Sno in light grey/white. I have had to backtrack a time or two to keep the pattern working correctly. It is quite lovely and will show nicely. I am nearly halfway and excited to be able to wear it soon.

  • Knitterly: November 03, 2015

    Pat! That is great! Thanks for the note. Can’t wait to see your photo :D

  • Pat Holloway: October 29, 2015

    I am working on the “Wegner” in Woolfolk Sno in a light grey/white. I find I have to concentrate carefully on the sequence pattern and pay attention to the chart in order to stay on track. I’m loving the challenge and the results are yummy. Can’t wait till it’s finished. I’ll send a picture then.

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