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cocoknits Nora Bobble Pattern & Twirl Scarf Kit

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The cocoknits Nora Bobble Scarf is a great pattern for playing with color and texture. There are SO many combinations that you can use. Our store favorite is combining Twirl Petals with Hand or Twirl Petals with Hand Twirl. We have a few exclusive kits for you! These kits come with the pattern. The large version is what we have photographed but the pattern also has a variation to make a smaller one. The kits are labeled as such. 

For those of you that would like to play with your own combinations, we have the following suggestions for combos. When you order those combos, we will include the pattern for free with your order. This offer is for a limited time. If you are reading this, the offer is still valid!

Notes to get the same results as the photo above...

  • Use a size 10 or 10.5 needle
  • Row 1 & 2 use the “bobble “ yarn……Hand or Hand Twirl… (or whatever fun accent yarn you like)
  • Row 3 add the Twirl Petals (or your main color yarn)
  • Row 4 use Twirl Petals
  • Row 5 carry “bobble” yarn up the side (tuck it in to the side of the scarf so it will be getting carried up the edge) Use Twirl Petals
  • Row 6 use Twirl Petals
  • Next Row and every 5th row use “bobble” yarn … you make the bobble with Hand or Hand Twirl ( remember to tuck the main yarn to the side of the scarf so it will get carried up )
  • knit back with Hand Twirl
  • knit back and forth with Twirl Petals or main yarn for 4 rows
  • knit bobble with Hand Twirl
  • knit back with Hand Twirl
  • knit 4 rows with main yarn
  • knit bobble
  • knit back 
  • knit 4 rows with main yarn
  • REPEAT this method of bobbling after every 4 rows until you have used half of your “bobble “ yarn ( I use a food scale to weigh my yarn)
  • When bobble yarn is half gone start the decrease section in the pattern.
  • Decrease section will be using the “ bobble “ after every 4 rows method until you are ready to cast off.

We followed Julie’s pattern, just used a different yarn for the bobble stripes. We love making this scarf! We've made MANY and the Twirl combos are our favorite.
Happy Twirling!


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